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  • Update: Azorian Released

    Posted on May 18th, 2011 Matt No comments

    Remember two years ago when I wrote about the Hughes Glomar Explorer? Well, thanks to Netlix, I was finally able to watch it.

    While awaiting the release of the film, the film’s director/producer Michael White personally responded to my email asking for info on the time frame for the release of the film.

    Its taken me over 3 years to make this film and its always a pleasure when someone like yourself  writes personally showing their eagerness to see it!  It somehow makes it seem all worth while! and after all… that’s why I made it!

    Check out Azorian: The Raising of the K-129 on Netflix (intant only).

    How did I like it? I loved it, but I agree (mostly) with the top-rated review on Netflix by thedragonsegg in that it’s not for everyone.

    I can see this appealing to three basic groups of people. First, military historians, the film is about the recovery of a Cold War era Soviet sub. Second, deep sea buffs, this little real life adventure takes place in 16,000+ feet of water. Third, the techies. The film goes into graphic technical detail of the machinery used. Absolutely astounding for 1974. Everyone else is probably going to find the film dull, dry, boring and full of blurry, grainy, archival footage with uninteresting narration. But if you belong to any of the afore mentioned groups, this is definitely worth the 102 minute watch. Just the daring of even trying to carry out this venture in absolute secrecy in the middle of the ocean with the Russians spying at every opportunity is fascinating.

  • Mouths of Babes 2009/10

    Posted on January 4th, 2011 Matt No comments

    Nicole recently wrote and mailed our annual Christmas letter which concluded with  our proverbial “Mouths of Babes” quotations. I thought I would list them here to spread the cheer a bit wider.

    Matea spoke about not liking boys. Nicole mentioned that someday, she would fall in love with a boy. Matea responded, “I know. But right now, they’re disgusting. I don’t want to talk about it.”

    Matea said, “Nolan, you are usually really annoying, but today you were a big chocolate chip and I want to eat you up. You were so sweet.”

    Nolan said, “I miss dinosaurs.” Nicole asked, “Why?” Nolan answered, “Because they’re stinkt.”

    As Nicole and the kids entered the softball complex to watch Matt play, Matea noticed the American flag and said, “Hey look, the flag is all the way up. That’s good. Nobody died today”

    Nolan got out of bed and started down the stairs while Nicole was making brownies and said, “Momma, my feet hurt.” Nicole asked why they were hurting. Nolan replied, “Probably because I’m Hungry… What are you making?”

    After hugging Matt one morning, Nolan backed away waving his hand in front of his nose and said, “Your breath is really stinky!” Matt asked, “Really? What does it smell like?” Nolan replied, “Um… kinda smells like bonnet.” (vomit)

    While waving a butterfly net over his head, Nolan asked, “Who wants to catch butterflies with me and throw them down the toilet?”

    After whole-heartedly enjoying his pasta, with head tilted back and eyes closed Nolan said, “Thank you for that nauseous dinner.” (nutritious)

    After being a pill toward Matea in the car, Nolan told Matea that he loved her. Matea responded, “I love you too, but sometimes Nolan, you are really annoying.”

    After being bribed with treats while being photographed, Nolan asked what kind of treat he would get. When Nicole said we would go out to dinner, Nolan (nearly crying) said, “Dinner! That’s not a treat.” Nicole asked, “What do you think a treat is?” Nolan responded, “Something sugary.”

    Nolan asked Nicole, “Can I color my fingernails with my pens?” Nicole responded, “No. Why would you want to color your fingernails?” Nolan replied, “’cause I wanna make them black so it looks like I have scary claws!”

    After Matt lit Nolan’s candle for the singing of “Silent Night”, Nolan asked, “Can we throw ‘em?”

    In a discussion about heaven, Matea said, “I would like to live on a cul-de-sac with the disciples.” To which Nolan responded, “I want to live next door to Luke…. Luke Skywalker.”

    After being hit in the groin with a ball Nolan stated, “That really hurt my tentacles.” (testicles)

    Matea will turn eight this month, Nolan turns five early next month.

  • My Favorite Freeware Application

    Posted on September 24th, 2009 Matt 2 comments
    I have been using a great application for about a year now and I think it is one of the best freeware applications available. It’s called Dropbox.

    Dropbox is a multi-platform application which, when installed creates a folder on your computer.  Everything in this folder will be uploaded your Dropbox account online. Then, for each computer on which you install the Dropbox application, the files will automatically sync.

    Initially, I was interested in Dropbox to move music and pictures between my home computer and my work laptop.  Eventually, I learned the super-cool of storing and syncing application data.  Here’s a few of my favorites.

    • KeePass Password Safe
    • Google Earth
    • Photoshop

    I also store a bunch of portable applications in my Dropbox.

    Just recently, they released some collaborative functionality where you could configure various folders inside your Dropbox to synch with other Dropbox users.  I haven’t tried this yet.  But I like the idea.  It seems kind of like, but without having to manually upload files.

    My wife, Nicole recently purchased a Macbook. Occasionally, she would express frustration that our password safe was on our PC (desktop) and not her sweet little Macbook. Can you see where this is going?.. That’s right Dropbox works on Mac too!  My password safe application also makes a Mac version which utilizes the same database format.  Now, when either of us need to use the password safe, we will be using the most recent versions synced

    Click here to get started!
    For accepting my Dropbox invitation, we will both be awarded 250 MB of free additional space. Your dropbox account will begin with a total of 2.25 GB space!

    Here are the links to KeePass Password safe (also free)

  • I didn’t win…

    Posted on September 2nd, 2009 Matt No comments

    I had so much fun wakesurfing last week, my egocentricity prompted me to think I stood a chance at winning Kayak Shed’s photo contest with these photos. Actually, I didn’t really believe I could win, I just wanted to share some joy.


    Yesterday, Kayak Shed announced the contest winners and my pictures were understandably non-present.

  • … for the Kids,.. Mostly

    Posted on April 14th, 2009 Matt 2 comments

    Last Christmas, my mother-in-law, Kitsy gave me really cool book/journal entitled, A Father’s Legacy. I have kept it in my stack of books on my nightstand and flipped through it a few times. Each time, I say to myself, “I would really enjoy reading this book if it had been completed by my dad, father-in-law and both of my grandfathers.” Sadly, only one of these men (my father) is still living. My dad is much like me in terms of possessing a boatload of good intentions, but lacking a bit in follow-through to see these ideas to fruition. I want to ask him to do this book, for his grandchildren and me, but I am now feeling compelled to do it for that same group (his grandchildren and me). I hesitate to ask my dad to do something I haven’t yet committed to doing myself. So, here it is — a partial commitment. I need to start small, or I will give up prematurely if it becomes too time consuming. I am committing to answer one question each month between now and the end of next March. Hopefully, I will have gained some momentum by this time next year and ramp it up to two-three questions per year. Otherwise, I will be almost 50 years old when I finish.


    A Father’s Legacy
    By Word Staff, J Countryman
    Edition: illustrated
    Published by Thomas Nelson Incorporated, 1996
    ISBN 0849952751, 9780849952753
    208 pages
    In a 12-month format with key questions, this handsome padded hardcover journal is a personal biography waiting to be written-a loving legacy in a father’s own words. Designed for fathers of all ages.

    This month (April) has 13 pages. The questions are as follows:

    1. Did you enjoy reading as a boy? What were some of the most memorable books you read? (page 61)
    2. What were the family finances like when you were growing up? How did that effect you? (62)
    3. Was there a special person who helped you in your Christian walk? Share something about this person. (63)
    4. When did you first learn about sex? Would you recommend the same for young people today? Why or why not? (64)
    5. As a teenager, did you rebel or do things your parents wouldn’t have approved of? How do you feel about that now? (65)
    6. List three things you wish you had during your junior high and high school years, but didn’t. (66)
    7. What did your family like to do on weekends. Describe one particularly memorable one. (67)
    8. During childhood, who was your best friend? Share some of your fondest memories of fun times together. (68)
    9. Did you keep a scrapbook of photos, autographs, or memories of special occasions? Describe what this meant to you. (69)
    10. What is your favorite memory of your mother? Why is it so special to you. (70)
    11. What image of your father is the most striking in your memory? Why that image? (71)
    12. List one memory about each of your brothers and sisters. (72)
    13. Share with me your father’s attitude toward life and how that effected you. (73)

    My parents left yesterday after staying with us for almost two weeks. I discussed this book with my dad. I intended to interview him using a voice recorder accessory for my iPod, but I kept putting it off and the opportunity was lost. Yet another example of our fruitless good intentions.

    The purpose of this post:

    1. A self-reminder to fulfill my commitment to this autobiographical legacy baby-step for my kids
    2. A place for my family (especially my dad) and friends to read, comment and even contribute their own entries
    3. Retaliation against lost opportunity and fruitless good intentions